In an art world that is fast becoming exclusively abstract,
the viewer sometimes needs a jolt of reality to face the world that surrounds him.

My art is an expression of the world’s beauty and mystery that speak to my sense of sight, smell, touch and sound. Wherever I am, through nature, I see the expression of a greater power, be it the mysterious landscapes of Monterey or the jubilant sunflower fields of Umbria. Through my travels I have been moved by the people I have met. Whether my inspiration is from Asia, Africa or America, they all express the potential within each of us to strive for a better world, one of peace and brotherhood.

A large part of my artwork has been influenced by my treasured Jewish heritage. Judaism and its culture are very much the core fabric of my life. The threads of this fabric are illustrated in life cycle events, the weekly Sabbath observance, the yearly observance of festivals and major holidays. I find myself being moved by words, lines and stories from the Torah. I express this beauty and joy through my artwork. During my teaching career, I encountered this wonderment through the innocent eyes of young students.

And yet it is in my individual expression of this realism that I find my personal voice,
through risk taking, boldness and color!